Issue 1 centres on racial justice (and lack thereof). We look at the impact of generational incarceration, hear from world leading activist Dr Hannah McGlade about the issues facing Indigenous women, delve deep into the history of blackbirding, discover the injustice in AI, unmask the ugly truth behind Harmony Dayand a powerful poem dedicated to the victims of the Christchurch Terror Attack in Al Noor Mosque, Allah yerhamhom.

Issue 2 delves into our nation’s policies and celebrations of diversity, as well as our own personal experiences and psychological trauma, highlighting the emotional gambit of what life is like in Australia as a migrant/ refugee. We have an uplifting poem from SPEAK’s very own Poet Laureate Sara Saleh; a must-read feature of the emotional toil racism has on migrants by psychotherapist Dr Kathomi Gatwiri; an important discussion of the history of Australian migration by Kamela Rezaie; and lively, engaging pieces written by Australian migrants Shilpi Jain and Brigette Sancho of their lives Down Under and advice for Women of Colour looking to move here. Up and coming writer Samantha Wheeler interviews her mother to write a compelling piece on their lives in Australia; Supriya Singh deep dives on the culture clash many migrants face around family (and money) when moving here; and Jessie-Lee Klass writes about how a fantastic football club in Sydney is doing its part to welcome refugees, one soccer goal at a time.

Issue 3 explores the inspiring stories of Women of Colour in the Australian workplace, a blend of courage, resilience, and transformation. These narratives highlight the struggles and victories in their pursuit of equality, serving as a vibrant celebration of their achievements in shaping our workplaces and nation. Through essays, interviews, and personal accounts, we delve into the intersection of gender and race, showcasing how these women have broken barriers and redefined success.

Beyond just a magazine, this issue stands as a part of a movement towards inclusive empowerment. It features a migrant artist whose art bridges cultural divides, and a poignant poem by an anonymous contributor, reflecting the complex challenges of migrant voices. Insightful interviews and essays shed light on the ascent of Women of Colour in academia and critique the role of Australian museums in promoting inclusivity. Collectively, these stories not only illuminate the personal experiences of these women but also mirror Australia’s journey towards embracing diversity, urging us to engage in and inspire change for a more equitable future.