‘Harmony’ is Australia’s hubris

n Australia, Harmony Day consists of celebrating the beautiful tapestry of multicultural Australia with food, as if culture can be flattened to consumption; and the colour orange, chosen to signify meaningful conversations not had.

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The Solution Is Prevention: The Ripple Effect Of Incarceration

A wholistic approach to prevention-based support where all services and government initiatives operate in sync and can address the layers of concern (I.E health, education, housing and/or finances) is an ideal means of progress. This support should also be community-led, intersectional, culturally safe, and extend over a lifespan.

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silhouette of a mosque

End of the World

The End of the World was a mosque.

Brothers in freshly pressed white jilbabs, perfumed

necks, congregated in ceremony and symmetry,

tethered to each other on Friday afternoons.

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