We need you! Yes you!

Our mission is to champion Australia’s Women of Colour. We want to champion their diverse voices and ideas.

Far too often, our voices are drowned out in the noise of the mainstream media. It seems everyone is shouting and no one’s critically listening anymore.

SPEAK! is where we want to shine the spotlight. It’s our place to interrogate ideas, challenge assumptions, smash stereotypes, break misconceptions, and peel away the layers of our biases.

Help us advance the debate. Be our Champion today. We can’t do this without your support so we’re asking you to commit to $2.00 per month. Your $2.00 will help us create and unlock opportunities for the communities that we represent. We will do this through our programs of education, community support, and advocacy work. It will help us create better access and equity for the many women of colour who are minoritised, underrepresented and oftentimes oppressed in the white-centred society.

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Not ready to commit yet? How about a one-off donation? Every dollar helps. Our many thanks for your generosity.

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