SPEAK is a digital platform owned and operated by Women of Colour Australia (WoCA). WoCA is Women of Colour founded, run and led non-profit, grassroots organisation advocating for a fairer and more equitable Australia for all Women of Colour. WoCA exists to champion Australia’s Women of Colour through education programs, community support initiatives, and advocacy work.

SPEAK has been created for and by Women of Colour to centre our voices, stories, and lived experiences through articles and essays, poetry and prose. Pieces within SPEAK bring the voices of Women of Colour, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women – so often overlooked in our society – to the forefront to discuss every aspect of Australian society, from politics, arts, and culture to health, beauty, and social issues.

We share unvarnished realities and unsanitised truths.

We interrogate ideas and challenge assumptions.

We unmask stereotypes and break stigmas.

We analyse and critique systems and structures.