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A chorus, Women of Colour,
Strong, individual,
Singing through a world
contrasted, searching
for equality’s elusive embrace.


They rise, they flourish,
Origins varied, roots deep,
Facing prejudice,
severing ties to an unfair past,
and advocating for futures that are
just and true.

Down dark corridors, they walk.
Corridors of bias,
custodians of stories untold,
their courage, their beauty,
lighting paths towards hearts united

They challenge the status quo.
In offices, on streets,
in every space they tread.

Their veins, maps of struggle,
tell of slow, steady triumphs.

Together, they form a vanguard,
taking hits for doing right,
brave, foresighted,
and redrawing the lines
of a world more inclusive and kind.

A masterpiece they create—

a painting where colours merge,
seamless, natural.
Now their words weave
A tapestry of many cultures.



The writer of this poem decided to use a pen name for safety purposes.